Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Steam Punk at Tag Tuesday

Scheduled post with a thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts and an apology for lack of commenting on your posts. I am taking a blog break but there are still scheduled posts in the pipeline and I am trying to comment on Tag Tuesday entries and on my share of the Try it on Tuesday entries as well.

Tag Tuesday have Steam Punk as the theme for the next 2 weeks chosen by team member Joan

I made the background in Paint Shop Pro from a collection of clock images.
The hat and clock were printed out on card and raised up with pads to make them stand out and the top has a gold chain that has just needed to be used on something for a very long time.

Hope to see you at the challenge

Try it on Tuesday still has another week for the My Friend challenge so you could do a project with a real or imagined friend on it and join in with us for the challenge.

This is just to say that the next person you meet could become your best friend-you never know. It has the first words of the wonderful Diana Ross recording

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My Friend at TIOT

 I have decided to take a blog break but there will be some scheduled posts that I have had ready for a while as they are DT projects

.Hello Everyone. Thank you for calling in and I hope you are ready for our new challenge theme at Try it on Tuesday. Great ideas from the team as always so do join us if you can.

The theme this time is MY FRIEND and it could be human, animal or imaginary. 

I made a digital scrapbook page of me and my very best friend, husband Vic. We have been together for 28 years and have had quite a lot to face in those years but it has always been together so the troubles have been halved.

This is us on a train listening to our music though we do chat a lot as well on journeys it is nice to drown the sounds of a screaming child or someone coughing loudly.

I changed it to black and white so it could be on a muted background page.

Hope to see you are the challenge

Also hope to see you at the Tag Tuesday challenge where the theme this time is Paris and you have another week to join in there.

Inked background with cut out flowers and an image cut from a birthday card

 A digital tag showing the fashion side of Paris

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Tag Tuesday goes to Paris

Scheduled post again from me and apologies for not visiting and commenting on your projects. Sending love to all of you and thank you for visiting Jumbled Crafts.

At Tag Tuesday this time Wendy has chosen Paris as the theme for the next two weeks

This is a digital tag with things I found here and there on Google

This is a tag using part of an old birthday card, a digital design I did in Paint Shop Pro and some stamped images I had in my collection

You also have another week to join us Try it on Tuesday for the theme Stitch It where you just have to add some stitching real or faux to your project.

This is a revisited project I did a few years ago. You can see the original posts here

Have a wonderful day

Love Chrissie xx

Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Stitching at Try it on Tuesday

This is a scheduled post and I'm sorry to say there will be quite a lot of my posts that are scheduled as real life has got in the way of blogging. Sorry for not having time to comment and my thanks to you for your support.

Hello Everyone and welcome to Jumbled Crafts today. Thank you for calling in and I hope you have come to see what we have for you as our new challenge at Try it on Tuesday

The theme this time is Stitch It, Real or Faux

I started off with three strips of matching pieces of fabric and stitched them with lace on top of the join. I used black thread to show up the stitching. This was mounted onto a piece of white card. It needed something else so I made a Suffolk puff with a button in the middle and fastened this onto the card. Then all was attached with brads to my card blank. It is for a friend so added her initial as well.

Hope you will join us at TIOT with your ideas for the challenge.

Still another week to join in at Tag Tuesday  with our' back to school' challenge. I have made 2 more for this challenge one by hand and one digital

 Some of us were chosen to dress up for May Day--I have never recovered yet. I am the third from the left.
My choices have a yes.

Love Chrissie xx